The Big 4-0

We had a great party on my birthday!

Feb 26th – time to go to The Top of the Hub! My favorite swanky joint. We had a 9pm reservation since we were looking for 12 seats or something like that. We arrived closer to 8 to start drinking. I had an event from 6-8 and then scooted over from that (it was also in Back Bay). But it meant I had two episodes of evening high-rise city viewing. Something I just love to do.

Thank you to everyone for coming out! Great fun to hang and great to have the honor of your company on this special day!

This is up on the Christian Science Tower – looking west at the Citgo Sign in Kenmore Sq. Mass Ave is bisecting the picture and that tower on the right is the Hilton Back Bay. On the extreme lower right is one of my favorite bars: at the Sheraton Back Bay, where my comrades in the GBMC meet prior to hitting the northbound highway…but that is another story!

Little peek view from this tower of the other tower I would scale tonight…

A great example of midcentury modern repetition…

And another set of twins: The Pru and the 111 Huntington Ave…

Now up in the Pru looking east at the Hancock Tower and some of downtown and the seaport. Actually, you can just make out the Customs Tower to the left of the Hancock. I think.


Looking slightly northeast – the river is there, MIT, some ufos…

I was in a state of bliss most of the evening – especially in the company of my two oldest dude friends, Doug and Jeb!

Even got a view of the southerly perspective – UMass Boston peninsula straight ahead w/ the JFK Library lit up there on the peninsula.

I felt pretty cool with Janelle joining us. Nice cameo love-look of Anu and Marc in the backgroun!

Intense conversations with PZ, Kate, Theo, and Jen – probably arguing w/ Doug…

I do really like this place. Except for the ceiling. I have that thing about acoustic ceiling tiles…

So much fun with the best people! I have known Jen since we worked for US Rep. Bruce Vento on Capitol Hill in 1997!

What a rat-pack of aging hipsters! And grrrreat food!


Great to be with my new buddy – Marc, Anu’s excellent Mann! A true Austrian Mensch! Noticing I’m wearing my favorite green & gold tie.

There they are. I’ve known Anu since we were in student government at UVM in 1994 – I was a rising Senator (soon to be Stu Gov Pres) and she was the Student Trustee.

And then the real knuckleheads – Jim is special as my Board Chair and an all-around cool cat. Peter is my go-to for anything technical or craftsmanlike. Also a great hiker.



What a fabulous evening together with friends. Thank you all for joining me on this special occasion!

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