Iceland [#50] – Always Cold?



I arranged my recent journey with a stopover in Iceland. Just in Reykjavik actually. All I know now is the road to and from the airport and the walk to the furthest peninsula point of the main harbor in the city. That is where you find the Great Grassy Hillock. It was like a dome, a platetarium, had been planted with grass, and then, a corkscrew pathway wound up to the top. There was a surprise at the top. I’ll leave it a surprise in the event you make it there.


On the way, I found this one guy fishing. I said, “Nice work!” He said “Only for fun, this only for fun!” which was a funny inter english-icelandic exchange.


I stayed in the middle of town, on one of the main touristy drags, heading south from the flat center pedestrianized area. The whole place feels somewhat pedestrianized – you don’t seem to need to worry about a lot of traffic. Forgive me but the place seemed about as large as Fredricton, New Bruswick which I had been to earlier this summer. Okay, after driving through the extensive outskirts, Reykjavik is more comparable to Portland, Maine in terms of size. And probably pretty close in terms of density of foodie-ness.


This was the view from my hostel. Notice the nationality of the tourists here? People are seriously from all over! I was surprised. As one of my friends said, they do a great job marketing the destination.

But it was September 1st and freaking COLD!


I took the aforementioned walk and found a little park on a hill. Looking out, well, there’s Reykjavik!

City to the left, harbor to the right. Something fancy looks to be going in that hole in the ground. There seemed to be a fair amount of high end condos coming onto the market. Not sure who’s buying!


Walking into the harbor area, I found all sorts of interesting things. From about the middle of the photo above, at the edge of the water, to the east I could see that grassy hill from above. So I kept going further into the harbor – the shipyards and fish processing plants and so forth. I came across a couple of other intrepid tourists, some dudes fixing a boat with loud power tools (this was a Sunday evening), and this family enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. I assumed they were locals but what do you really know. The main cathedral or at least church spire is in the distance there. That’s the tallest building in the city!



And a trawler. These are bad.

I have a bunch more photos here.

And this (below) is what Iceland looks like mostly. Sorry, this was just from the bus window. I do hope to see more of it in the future – the magazines and promo posters I saw all over town, the airport and on the plane were really compelling. Actually, saw a funny movie in icelandic one the plane on the way back to Boston – “Paris of the North” – with a bunch of great actors, and lovely scenery, and insight into just what it’s like to live in Iceland.



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