Shifting Gears – heading back from the Weddingmoon Extravaganza


My explorations in Austria have been just wonderful. I can’t speak highly enough of the lovely places I’ve been to. I am so thankful to Anu & Marc for bringing me along. And for all the friends I’ve made – especially travel buddy extraordinaire Christopher Avery. Here he is in the Hotel Adler the morning after the epic party at the hunting lodge…


The picture does not do justice to the fine craftmanship of the lodging. I was really impressed by the window assemblies, the built-in furnishings, the bathroom especially. Excellently appointed hotel. That link again: Hotel-Gasthaus Adler, Schoppernau. I’ll be back! [note – I have feedback this site is not totally working…the folks there must be distracted by the new ski season! Take my word for it – the best accommodations in the mountains of Vorarlberg!]

Great times indeed.


This blog is about some of the episodes on the way out, heading back to the States. Let’s start with the descent from Diedamskopf to Schoppernau and onward…




[After the loving the hay [see elsewhere], and after the hike of Diedamskopf, I was soon departed, leaving Vorarlberg:





Somehow I managed to make the move and leave my lovely experience. Here are some pics from the way from Feldkirch to Zurich.

I had pretty good train karma in the germanic realm. Is it the mountain spirit?


After the Rhine valley, I would go through the narrow pass that is the Walensee – a very cool lake.


Somehow, on the train, getting into Zurich, I managed to catch this shot:


Hard to believe, but it has a little of everything – a very green city. People at a swimming pavilion on a river. A paddle-boarder! A building crane! Makes me happy to see such a city. Loved taking a train to get there. Was a really wonderful modern train.

It is hard to believe just prior to that was “Morning in Feldkirch,” where I walked with Chris to the Banhoff, and actually surprisingly found one of our Austrian friends. Not too surprising since it is the only place in town with a cafe open on Sunday morning. Was a great send-off of sorts. Can’t wait to go back!

Here are the pics that morning.



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