Up at Diedamskopf: What a View!

And although I was totally in love with the pastoral haymaking of the little valley, I was also quite intrigued by the enormous mountains all around. And, that within this little hamlet of small houses, barns, and these Gasthauses, all so quiant, there was also this one giant piece of infrastructure. For something completely different [okay, I don’t quite have a pic of this – but here is inside].

[More pics from this day in Diedamskopf are here on flickr]

It was like those space elevators you may have heard about – a bridge to the sky.

Well, this was just the base lodge of a giant gondola system.

Yes. A simple ride up up and away into the clouds.

Actually, a delightful day with hardly any clouds. But the gondola certainly simplified and shortened the hike.


[yes it was all very interesting to the agriculturally inclined!]

Suddenly, we were at the top lodge. As we launched out of the valley, we began to see over the smaller mountains and out to the high Alps in the south and east of Voralberg. Wow!

At the top, we frolicked. We ran around. Didn’t really try to make a hike happen (though some of the locals knew the drill and upon exiting the cabin, headed out for a one hour stroll, just to turn back around.

We wandered over to the western view and said “Wow!”

But what about that southern view, too!

And then!


To the East!

We went up to the high point and found lots of flies! You could also see Lake Constance – the Bodensee – and into Germany. Somewhere to the west was Switzerland. We might have seen the Kreutzberg where we had been a couple days prior. Lichtenstein is too low-lying and was blocked by near mountains, as was Feldkirch. What amazing land. What mountains!

We went to the north and discovered the amazing sheer drop off. Chris had to practice throwing long balls. Rocks have rarely flown for so long. We almost hit a small plane…

No one fell off, though I got right to the edge to look over. Oh my. Whew.

And we walked along and eventually got back to the top house where the larger group had assembled for pizza before the end of the service (at 4pm). We were able to quaff a few pilsners and a few slices and then…well…

Then this episode on Diedamskopf was over. I could totally get used to this spot!

Awww, the newlyweds were so cute!

[this was all on August 29th, 2015, I’m pretty sure, the day after the big party at Hotel Adler, the mountain house]

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