Fun Time along the Appalachian Trail: to Sky Meadows


It was the good old Thanksgiving Weekend in DC (metro DC that is) visiting all the Lee clan. On the Saturday, my dad and uncle Tink took a trip out to Virginia to find a hiking trail. Well, I didn’t get us to the originally intended trailhead. And then the one I found didn’t have space for one more car, so we passed by that one too. We were back on a main road and I suddenly saw another little pocket of parking. I knew the AT was crossing the road at some point nearby. Well, we parked and started up the trail that was indeed there. And we found a great place for a ramble!


Take a look at the full collection here.

Up from VA Rt. 17 at Ashby Gap. About an hour to get to the first junction – which then led 20 minutes to open up onto the northern stretches of the Sky Meadows. Then, in the mowed hill-top fields, we wandered another half hour or more to find a lunch spot.







Cool rocks had been set up for the picnic area…IMG_0554



Somewhere out there I think I could see Old Rag – but hard to get in a photo.






Then back the way we came, into the trees.



It was a great time to get out with these two gents. One, generally very talkative, kinda slowed down and enjoyed the wander. The other, generally a bit more kept to himself, started talking about how magical the place was, how he’d never seen such trees, how awesome it was to get out on the trail…! All good!

And then we found the vintage Dr. Pepper vending machine at a farm-stand-market on the way back to Leesburg. Good times!



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