Good Stuff in the Gorge

What a beautiful place!

I had some great times in the high summer at Broadfork Farm. On the way to Burning Man. I arrived in PDX and got a ride from Ad to the farm…a few high density adventures and then onward…

Here is a link to more of the photos on flickr. [This post is dated 8/26/17 (the Friday night of this post) but I published this a little later, but I don’t want to get out of sequence as Burning Man is directly following!]

On the flight in I had a great vista of eastern Oregon. This may be the Deschutes River? Or further east…

Great to see Mt. Hood from “up/close!” (…and Jefferson further along)

Ad picked me up at the airport in the afternoon and we drove on the north side – the older highway. It goes way up and along at one point. Absolutely stunning. This doesn’t do it justice.

Then headed across the “Bridge of the Gods” to get to Hood River for some errands ahead of getting to the farm for the evening. The Gods are the two native spirit beings, brothers in ancient times, who…well I think the story was that eventually that is why there are the two peaks – Adams and Hood (Pahto and Wyeast) – something about fighting over a woman and some sorcery and lessons learned. I guess I have to hear the myth a few more times to be able to relate it…sorry…

Maybe I can’t recall because as soon as we did the errands we ended up at this great pub: the Pfreim Family Brewers Tasting Room. Note the building is LEED Certified (always makes me happy to see) in the flickr album. We had a couple of great beers and solved a couple of life struggle issues of course…

[The first evening, we just had a great meal at the outdoor kitchen of the tent-cabin. We we just having such a delightful time – the kids, Kaye, Ad and Pete, that I forgot to take any pictures. It was super relaxing, perfect temperature, the kids just the right energy level doing funny things, and PZ manning the kitchen with his slappy-aplomb that he can pull off. It was delightful!]

So this photo below is already from the next day.

We were going to pick up supplies for the Burn over in Hood River and make sure the vehic was all set. We also wanted to find a bike for Pete and some costumery from a thrift shop he knew about. We stopped at the little apiary he has near the road, off the driveway outside of the farm gate. He’s been helping these bees for a couple of years now.¬†

Here you can see what we meant by “supplies…”

This is a pic of the land in the valley – just to get an image. I’ve driven that road so many times since I was first there in April, 2010, and here are some Doug Firs that are about 10 years old – had been mini-transplants when I first saw them. Now starting to block the views. There have been a few forestry harvests in the past few years, and replantings. It’s a big economic driver though I would imagine tourism is starting to be more important in terms of jobs.

That evening was the regular “Community Pizza” Friday night up at Trout Lake proper – about five minutes up the highway from the farm to the “center” of town. If you’ve been there, this is the gas station/ice cream shop at the main fork. You know, where you get your huckleberry shakes in the summer!

A couple of doors down is a lovely couple who host a big backyard pizza party each Friday evening in the summer. They make the dough and have a cob oven going, and everyone brings their own fixings. It is great. A real social hour. Everyone is there. I’ve been able to time my visits to get there a few times over the years.

Beautiful place, right on the river. If you turn around from this shot below, you look out at Mt. Adams.

Here you can see some of what it’s like w/ the kids running around. That was a heckuva slip n slide!

Then we had fun going through Kaye’s costume closet to add to mine and PZ’s. We had a great time. I think a little ping pong even. Or was this the night of indoor whiffle ball championships? She had to come out to get Ad and bring him into the house. She is great. No nonsense, love her man to have fun with his boys, but always in charge. Love you Kaye!


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