Lassen Peak: with the Bros

Above: there is it in the distance, as we left the main wilderness adventure. Below, from the summit, looking at Mt. Shasta to the north. Our next big Cascadia Adventure!

On Labor Day 2016, the Brothers Lee (Teddy, Benny and Grey)(Alex was tied up and couldn’t make it) headed out of the wilderness where we had been growing our beards and cavorting, back to the asphalt of the access road through the Volcanic National Park. The Super Vanagon took us up up to the highest paved point and we joined the throngs at the Summit Parking Lot. We took the trail to the top. It was great. It’s the lowest of the Cascades, and the most accessible. It wasn’t a wilderness hike, but it was great to be at the top with my bros.

Here’s a link to the album on Flickr with about 75 pictures.

We had someone catch the three of us on film.

Okay, but let’s start at the start: here’s us getting ready to huff it up the 2 or 2.5h to the summit.

So we set off, up and up and away. The trees here have Teddy’s favorite bird, the crow-woodpecker, in abundance. Very interesting to hang out with a high-elevation bird.

This was the path at near the top. Yes. there were a lot of people. It was about 45F – from having been 75F at the parking lot.

On the way up, it was cool to see these mega tallus fields with the hardpack of snow from last winter.

This is looking to the southwest, across the main valley of Lassen’s former super-peak (Mt. Tehama) and Brokeoff Mountain in the distance (it is the remnant of the past collapse of Tehama some 350,000 years ago). Really amazing area here. Features in the foreground (look harder) in this picture were amazing. You can read more about Lassen here.

It was pretty insane at the top. This pic does not do it justice. The cameral is pointing straight down here, I’m at the edge of a crazy drop. Quite breathtaking.

Totally cool to be on the top. Behind Teddy (below) is the total drop-off that I photoed above

Teddy was psyched to be at the pinnacle here:

Incredible views to the southeast towards the High Sierra – but not quite visible in this picture. Somewhere out there is Black Rock City!

We thought it was pretty cool.

There was the last of the previous winter’s snow on the top – Teddy and I butt-slid down the slope and had a barrel of laughs


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