Paris: Structure not Sights

I’m in Paris.


It’s beautiful. But Why?

It is kinda old-fashioned-ish…

There are a lot of stories about the architects, the designers, the capacity of a city to command the economic production of a huge territory, the ability to exploit workers globally, and to preserve components in a particular way. That is a lot of stuff to read and write about, which I won’t belabor here.

I was just walking around.

I was taking snapshots with my phone. In a certain way, this city is frozen in time, in the mid-nineteenth century. A pre-industrial setting. At least a pre-modern setting. Components of buildings, infrastructure, the physical plan of the place, are visible. In an almost steampunk way, the guts of the stuff are visible. Maybe not too much, but enough to imagine more.

And ornamentation – perhaps the opposite of structure. Perhaps here, ornamentation that celebrates structure is what I’m noticing. Patterns that give texture to structure.

Texture that is taste-able. Tasteful to someone like me. A gustatory city, certainly.

I like structure. So I will share this huge album of pictures with you, and you can also see a few select shots here.

A classic from a major attraction; this is at the entrance to the Cafe Marley if you can find that.

This is one of the first shots I took in Paris. I was psyched. Did you ever read the book about the talking dogs that create prosthetic hands? Takes place in northern Alberta or something? This reminded me of that.

This is that Haussman stuff (wait, I don’t know that…I made that up…)

When I got to Paris I was able to continue my love affair with ceilings.

In the Jardin Luxembourg is a circular building!

Here we find a little new-meets-old!

Okay, I wanted there to be a basic vista shot of nothing special but tres Paris…

Oh – I spoke too soon. This is the “Tres Paris” pic!

And more of the same. You were supposed to see this one first and guess! Lots of likes on instagram for this puppy!

And here is just a great back-window shot.

Same place, front-window shot.

Walking through the 6th or 7th, I always spot the living things – this was a wild drapery of vine and fern. But then actually, I caught an action shot. Moments before, the women with yellow leggings had kicked the table in some way that everything flew off and crashed on the street. And now, what to do…

The underside of one of the…

Okay, so this is not who it looks like. She led a revolution in medical science…

Just another afternoon in the 6ème…

Oui, numero UN!

This was near St. Michaels fountain. I just liked it.


C’est ça! Merci!


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