A Day in Caen (w/ the evening too)

Normandie is a delightful part of the earth. I enjoyed getting to know this territory. Especially with my hosts Yoann and Emilie driving me around – always better w/ a guide.

The base of our operations was Caen (pronounced the same exact way as the word “quand”) (like a very curtailed “kon”) (actually pretty simple like the word “en” with a “k” in front) (I somehow had a hard time recircuiting)

Caen is a very cool little city of about 400,000 – a regional center. Very old. William the Conquerer’s castle is here. It’s huge! It has a canal to the sea (La Manche/English Channel) about 10km long. I has tons of churches. Lots of little squares. Perhaps not hipster city but perhaps one of those places you want to get involved with.

I have to admit one of my more entertaining aspects was not photographed, our Saturday night outing to El Camino, but…more on that later.

Here is the album of photos.

We had arrived on a Friday evening late, and then Saturday was mostly Grey & Yoann running around to see some sights (see elsewhere here). Saturday afternoon became a visit to Emilie’s grandfather’s place (another story), and that evening became dinner out on the town. It was like three or four days all together.

So let me share some of the pics from that evening and then the next day, on Sunday, when Yoann and Grey went into the center of this wonderful town and explored the market and the chateau.

Here are my wonderful hosts: Yoann, Emilie & Louise!

That was right after dinner at the creperie in the I think it was la Rue des Vaugeaux.

This is some little cafe I snapped that I thought was cool. There were tons of them.

We took a little drive throughout the town…this is an old abbey or monastery that was lit up for a cancer walk-a-thon that had occurred during the day. Tons of people in fuscia. I mean pink.


Then a bit at Emilie’s house where her parent treated us to a big Sunday feast. Very relaxing.

Louise is a total ham (and sweetheart). This was while picking the amazingly abundant cherries at the neighbor’s house there on the little cul-de-sac.

On the Sunday, we went into the market. It was a HUGE market. Thousands of people. Hundreds of vendors of all things imaginable.

View from the big castle looking into town:

While up there, looked down over the wall to see this. Already posted to Instagram, I was very amused. The person on the bench turned out not to be some kind of bum but a little old lady just having a rest from shopping!

Nice gate into the castle:

And this is the new section of town, closer to the train station, and the canal obviously. Only about a ten minute walk from the old tower at the base of the big fort. Seems like a great scale for a city…hmmm…Grey is thinking about Civekos of course…

I look forward to returning to Caen in the future!

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