Vert en Paris

While visiting a beautiful place in June, this time Paris, I can’t help but notice the ebullient and leafy plant denizens accentuating the structure.

I hope you enjoy this photolog!



Viola, the accént:

At the entrance to the Jardin des Plantes (like an arboretum) de Paris. Huge oak of some kind flying over the street here.

Big on ivy, a great accent to a tudor-style building. What is “tudor-style” in French? “Style Tudor!” – this is one time I believe an english term has gone to french to describe something about style or architecture.

Okay, so this is heavy on structure especially cast iron components, but still: trees and ivy!

This was the biggest wisteria I had ever seen going up about four-five stories…

It was near mid-day and the sun came through the canopy to find these little ones reaching for the light, just like in any (urban) jungle!

The thing here was the observatory dome, but I also note the pollarding in the upper left and who knows what-else for arboricultural practices elsewhere. Pollarding is hard trimming of a tree so it has a few solid branches and lots of seasonal small growth from the ends that are cut. It’s super common in France (and Europe) but not so much in the States.

This was a great “green wall” that I found along the Rue de Poissoniere (or near there) from the Gare Nord heading to the river. The sign said there were hundreds of species, thousands of plants.




Vert. C’est bon!

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