Structure/Detail Highlights – Paris

I just love finding interesting stuff out on the trail.

In a city, someone’s little story. Some conversation with a client. Some engineering trick or challenge. Something done to augment the thing.

Here I found a picture of the making of the train system which goes along the edge of the Seine. I can’t recall the train line but here it was, being built by hand!

This is the ceiling of the Gare du Nord. I though: not super special. But it was functional. Later, I heard that the French regard it as “the absolute worst!”


Not just looking up: these were the bags of removed ancient masonry from a church renovation project near Les Halles. I wonder what the equation is of amount of removed stuff per unit replaced, or if there is a curve of amount removed over time…does it get treated like some special type of waste, a controlled substance? Can it be re-used? Does it have vintages in the back lots of materials and waste handles of Grand Paris?…

This is at the Jardin des Plantes. A new part of an old glasshouse.

This is at the top of the Jardin des Plantes. Neat little spot.

Here is a door in Paris at a house where a famous woman philosopher/mathematician, Sofie Germain, died in 1831. She was 55.

Here is a whole bunch of nice doors…

And this was looking straight up at the entrance of a little church. Well, huge in most places but modest in Paris…I love ceilings.

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