First Evening & Morning at La Flegere

La Flegere was a really well-run hostel at the top of the La Flegere funicular/teleferique, and at the base of L’Index chairlift and a couple of other lifts.

It seems old, but one of the staff mentioned that the systems were 25 years old…maybe that is the extent of the current management? It has been expanded multiple times over the years and is well-worn. I bunked in with a quatrain Swiss family from Fribourg who were friendly. It made me think about living in the area. How nice to have these peaks an hour away!

Here are some pics from the time and below are a few with commentary.

Interesting how you can see the shadow of the cable car on the building in the photo above, and then, below, you can see the cables…nice evening angle here…

For dinner, I was seated with two Dutch gents and two German ladies who were a lot of fun.

Daniela was a criminal justice optimization expert who was traveling from her home base (Hamburg?) to Geneva for a convention and her friend came to join her. We talked about how police agencies have a hard time systematically improving their processes due to pride and weak accountability structures. I hope she writes me as I’d like to connect her to the Kennedy School where optimizing bureaucracies is on the agenda.

The Dutch fellows were on holiday it seemed and going on a bit of a hike – didn’t quite figure out to where. We had a lively conversation in english, the common tongue to us all, and ate really well. Great food. The main was scalloped potatoes and I had a chocolate mousse.

There was a table of French nearby which must have been some kind of reunion – they were very celebratory and stayed up playing games for a while, which I couldn’t quite figure out just by watching a little.

We did watch the sunset and that was fantastic.


There was a deer sighting which I took as a good omen.

Final sun on the top of Mont Blanc:

The morning was another glorious summer day and I was off to Lac Anterne.

The refuge had all sorts of old mountaineering equipment on the walls. Quite cool.

Really a lovely spot!

Another shot of the building with the Aguile Vert above, and the Grandes Jurasses in the rear distance. Some day I’ll have to head over that direction!

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