Structure: Rome

While in Rome, my eagle eye spotted all sorts of visual treasures.

More of the collection is in an album here; below are some of my faves.


At Diocletian’s Baths:

Looking up:




Planar Geometry:

I have a whole series of these: buildings at night with one light on…

I thought this was cute:

And this one was rather bold:

This is looking into some fancy embassy’s main hall…must be some nice parties have happened in there!

This was on Instagram…and the BLUE!

Loads of great doors in Rome. I could do a whole post about this.

Here’s a little door…liked the texture…

More stone and masonry texture… and antennae…

The PANTHEON at night. Just a classic.

And this was looking through a window grate at a little old shop. Maybe a tailor? Maybe an insurance broker?



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