Sights of Rome!

Of course spending some time in the Eternal City would result in the seeing of some sights.

I have collected a few of my shots on the general topic of touristic sights here.

I will indulge you in a separate entry on “Structure” – my take on the details of my strolling.

One of my all-time faves here now: The Pantheon. What a great place.

This is a lovely little bridge we went over a few times. There were buskers. Great music. A piano even! And people just hanging out. On a Monday night.

I know this is some famous church. I can’t recall the name. You can tell me. It’s quintessential.

This is another quintessential pic: mopeds and arches.

I think this is a little hidden Etruscan gem. Who could it be?

And of course the big boy: El Colosseu!

Random ancient stuff:

This place was so crowded, I was getting freaked out. Somehow I took a picture without being able to tell that ten thousand people were crowding around me.

This is a statue of some important figure who was used as a sounding board and complaint system during the time of some autocratic popes who really didn’t want to listen to anyone. There is a lot more to this story but here you go:

I had to have a picture of me looking somewhat regal or fascist. From Palatine Hill. A nice little side-garden in front of the museum. We had too much fun looking at duomos and missed the cut-off for going into the museum – suddenly it was past 7pm. Great days in Rome!

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