Maps of the Wind River Range

I wanted to put some of the maps in here – just to have these resources available for folks in the future.

The below is the overview. We did not actually drive from Pinedale up to the “Forest Road 650C” location. The idea was that would have been closer to the center line, and a better place to start from on the Thursday/Friday ahead of the Monday eclipse. But, we worked out a plan from the south, from Pinedale up into Fremont Lake.

Here’s more detail – we started right above the word “Bridger” in the middle of this image.




Essentially, we hiked in from the end of the black squiggle road at the bottom of the bottom image, toward Photographer’s Point, where we watched the sunset and then set up tents about 10 minutes further along. We really only went up to the top right corner of this image. The pond at the top right is Island Lake which was the furthest we went to.

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