Togetherment: Pitch Contest Winner!*

We won second place!*

At my Entrepreneurial Finance course (taught by the excellent Carl Byers (former CFO of Athena Health)), during the final class of the semester, we held a pitch contest. Throughout the course, each student has been working on a venture. I’ve been using the opportunity to improve on Civekos, now called Togetherment, which has been a great opportunity (as you have seen in these pages).

You can read more about the Civekos/Togetherment project on its dedicated pages here. Full website forthcoming!

Here’s the deck I used. Imagine what could happen if I had a graphic designer on my team!

There were seven ventures: lots of great business concepts. It was tough competition – some of these are already signing up customers and bringing in grant funding. We heard about:

  • Jetset Offset – carbon offsets for fliers
  • Vertical Farms in Nigeria
  • Electronic legal contract management
  • Refugee tech education
  • A cross-cultural social/political engagement web platform
  • Ending sexual violence in India
  • and Togetherment of course

Here’s a picture of Jean Guo with her pitch for Konexio¬†(facilitating digital education for refugees in France) (I was not quite as good looking but in the same place in the front of Land Hall). I had actually met Jean this summer at the Global Harvard Alumni Meetup when we were both in Paris in June. It has been great to be in a class with her. She was a Fullbright while in France 2015-2016 and now at Kennedy.

Here’s Carl at the end of the class with key questions about connecting with funders (I was sitting in the front row the whole semester):

  1. Are you doing important work?
  2. Are you well managed?
  3. Will the gift make a difference?
  4. Will the experience be satisfying to me?

If you know someone who might be interested in a new approach to housing, facilitating group living for social purpose professionals, let me know!

*Yes: classmates: there were two first places and two second place finishers if you are really counting! But hey, feedback is good when you can get it. And facing the crowd is important for fine-tuning the message. Thank you MLD-829!

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