Introducing Professor Lee [though not actually a professor!], Nice!

The semester is off to a great start. I’m am really excited and looking forward to the experience of being “the teacher.” Though really, I’ll be learning a lot more than I teach!

Here’s what I posted on LinkedIn: “Green Buildings, Urban Resilience, and Sustainability in Communities” is connecting a great student cohort at Harvard Extension and giving me a chance to share my subject matter expertise in a new way. I might post some of my readings here for you all, just so you can kind of follow along! hashtag#MoreGreenBuildings and hashtag#MoreResilientCities, hashtag#LetsGo!”

I was asked by my colleague in green building, Tom Gloria (who runs the Sustainability Masters program at the Extension School), to think about teaching, earlier this summer. One thing led to another and I jumped in. I did a lot of reading and sorting of my files to find good stuff to use – on green buildings, on resilience, on urban sustainability, and on change management and systems thinking. I am looking forward to bringing in some of the leadership, communications, and behavioral science that I gained while at the Kennedy School. This has been a big push but so far it is already rewarding.

The course link is here, and here is a link directly to the syllabus. The class meets online each Tuesday night this fall, from 7:20-9:20 through Zoom. I am looking for guest lecturers, so if something on the syllabus seems like your favorite topic to talk about, drop me a line. Thanks!

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