Impact Real Estate

We are entering a new era for real estate: impact investing is here.

For years, investors prioritized financial return and various social impact aspects of real estate were seen as “side effects” or otherwise not central to the investor.

Nowadays, it is hard to be distant from community relations and other effects of real estate development. Project proponents actually gain entitlements for doing more for the community – such as providing public access to green space, adding retail space to a multifamily development, supporting wildlife habitat and more.

The above project is an example of the work done by Placetailor, a design-build firm in Boston committed to sustainability and community regeneration.

Now, you are invited to support their work to address the triple bottom line. Investors are welcome to explore the opportunity to purchase shares in a new social impact investment fund. Placetailor will use the funds to secure sites, design, and build new net-zero, non-toxic, affordable housing in Boston.

Contact me if you are interested in reviewing the prospectus.

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