Rapid Sustainability Integration!

This is what I’m doing – helping people embrace sustainability, quickly and efficiently. There is a planetary emergency going on and everyone needs to work together to address it.

I have also helped people with green residential retrofits and by putting together land trust business plans and land management manuals. I can help with the following topics:

Sustainability consulting encompasses a wide range of activities.

My specialties include:

—Ecological Footprinting

—Greenhouse Gas Inventory

—Environmentally Preferable Products

—Organizational visioning and mission statement facilitation

—Comprehensive Green Building assessment using the LEED and Advanced Buildings evaluation criteria.

  • Energy Use
  • Materials Use
  • Chemicals Use / Indoor Air Quality
  • Transportation Issues
  • Water Use and Impact

—Sustainable Touring/Travel Planning

—Conservation Land Management Plans for rural landowners

Drop me a line and we can chat about what you are facing – what challenges are ahead for your organization and what responsibilities you want to address. Working together, we can craft a directed sustainability strategy to guide your future investments, hiring, market communication and risk management. I can help you get on the quick path to sustainability.

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  1. Hi grey

    i see your website is nice pictur i like it , you travel araund the world , with lott energy and smiling.

    larcen Morocco

    1. Great to hear from you Larcen! I hope everything is going great for you in Mirleft! I remember having some good times there with you – did you see those pics?
      Take care and be well!

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